Our statistics might be different from yours as far as we only count unique impressions, but not visitors or page-views.
We count click only when our ad is opened and seen by a visitor of your website. Clicking on banner and immediately closing page won't be counted. 

Why is Coinverti counting only unique impressions?

Let's take faucet website for example. Faucet website is paying users money from ad revenue and users are aware of that, so what's happening? One user is clicking several times on one ad to help "faucet website" to earn more revenue (money), in reality it's doing opposite, advertiser will notice more clicks from same IP address and simply blacklist publisher website.

CPM Impressions -  We pay only when the user saw the banner. In case that the banner is placed on the bottom of the page and the user didn't scroll to see it, that impressions is not counted.

Asking your users to click on ads will not bring you more revenue, it will simply get your website blocked from most advertisers. You should avoid phrases like "click our ads to help us out " and similar.

If you think that there is problem in ad counting with your website, please contact us. We will provide you full details of sent traffic.

To maximize your profit ensure to follow our recommendations:

  • Many users have Adblock extensions, that prevent them from receiving impressions. Please, use Anti-Adblock solution to bypass this obstacle.
  • If your visitor closes ad pages before they had been fully loaded, we don't count it as click.
  • VPN detection service on pages where Coinverti banners are placed.
  • Use one banner size per page and don't use more than 5 banners per page.